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    Marcy (Reviews to ASSAILANT PRO)

    I started using Apax rackets as an adult, but I have the impression that many rackets are easy to use without burdening the shoulders. The Assignan...

  • BLAZE SX7700 J CV
    Eternal Intermediate (Reviews to BLAZE SX7700 J CV)

    The racket specs are very good for doubles, and the racket specs are light, and the drive, push, and receive are easy to handle. , The shaft is als...

    Yori (Reviews to SATELITE6.5ESSENTIAL)

    I bought it when I started playing badminton, but the swing speed is so fast that the racket bends too much, the return of the racket is slow, it&#...

  • college student badler (Reviews to )

    After a long time, I used 3u of zspi. I usually use a head-heavy 4u, so I was able to swing it without any problems even with a 3u. This racket fee...

  • st (Reviews to )

    It's cheaper than the pre-strung aluminum frame rackets sold at sporting goods stores, but it's high performance. I think this is enough fo...



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