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  • Duora 7
    High school badminton (Reviews to Duora 7)

    Because it is even balance it is easier to control and smash can be struck comfortably. Receiving can be returned easily. I think that it is a rack...

    Take your time (Reviews to DUORA Z-STRIKE)

    After buying this, the rise in smashing speed and easiness of highback are outstanding. Until now, because it was not very compatible, it was a sub...

    ylnnnn 3366 (Reviews to AIR STREAM N99)

    In a nutshell, "swing out is good", that kind of racket. I think that it is a racket for an offensive system and a hard hitter very. In the racket ...

  • ASTROX77
    ylnnnn 3366 (Reviews to ASTROX77)

    It was the first racket of the Astrox series and it was up to date and I tried using it. I thought it was a racket that was easy to use overall. I ...

  • Nanoray750
    ylnnnn 3366 (Reviews to Nanoray750)

    I think that it is a racket suitable for doubles. I think that it is a racket that has a good sense of ball and is easy to swing. Performance is go...



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