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    age (Reviews to LUMINASONIC AF)

    The shaft is so soft that even beginners and women are fine. It is light and has excellent controllability, and it can be divided freely if you get...

  • ASTROX77
    seitaro (Reviews to ASTROX77)

    The badminton history which started with a bad side lover also became early 10 years or more. Meanwhile, the racket also used various things. Begin...

  • ArcsaberFB
    Shishoshi (Reviews to ArcsaberFB)

    Even when using it for the first time, it is very user-friendly as grips become familiar soon. Suitable for driving attacking smash from sharp angl...

  • Muscle power 8
    Torrattara (Reviews to Muscle power 8)

    When releasing smash from various angles, it is an excellent thing with high precision adjustment. The stability of the grip is also high, and it i...

  • Duora 10
    autumn (Reviews to Duora 10)

    The shaft is somewhat hard. The feature is easy to beat back. If you hit it properly the flight is also very well, it is easy to control. It took m...



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