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    Full beginner (Reviews to GRAVITAS 8.0-SX)

    This is a reviewer of Gravitas 7.0 at I improved a little, so I bought 7.0 for doubles because I want...

  • ASTROX 88S
    (Reviews to ASTROX 88S)

    I'm a high school student. I use Astrox 99 and Astrox 88spro, which was released the other day. All shots are perfectly easy to hit in doubles....

  • AERONAUT 9000C
    Grandpa Arasa who can't shake 3U (Reviews to AERONAUT 9000C)

    I tried various things in search of a racket that fits, but now this has settled down to the main. The head is heavy and the shaft is short, but it...

  • ASTROX 88S
    Grandpa Arasa who can't shake 3U (Reviews to ASTROX 88S)

    I bought 4UG5 because it is a rumored masterpiece in the streets. There is no doubt that the operability is outstanding, and it is no wonder that m...

    Nomadic badminton (Reviews to FORTIUS TOUR)

    It was half price on sale, so I picked it up casually and it was the reason for the purchase. This is a 4u review. Before this I used the Artius to...



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