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  • Voltric80 E-Tune
    Japanese (Reviews to Voltric80 E-Tune)

    It is handy in doubles' rear guard, it is easy to shoot heavy shots. The swing is bad compared to zf2. Also, I thought that it would be a long ...

  • Voltric Z-Force II
    Japanese (Reviews to Voltric Z-Force II)

    Since zf 2 is very head heavy, it was able to do without playing the power of the ball as well as net play etc without difficulty. Although it is a...

  • RECON PX 5000
    Miya (Reviews to RECON PX 5000)

    I am a badminton beginner. Although the racket I am using now is RECON PX 5000, I wanted a racket that is light and easy to use whatever I tried to...

    Yoshi (Reviews to GUNGNIR EPSILON)

    It is not a speed emphasis, it is not a priority emphasis on hold, it is a racket that has just been made pursuing only balance. Therefore, it is r...

  • CUSTOM EDGE Version2.0 TYPE S
    Suzuki (Reviews to CUSTOM EDGE Version2.0 TYPE S)

    It is a manageable racket which is balanced overall and is widely used from beginners to advanced people. You can play flexibly regardless of offen...



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