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  • Lilia (Reviews to )

    Good (๑ • ̀ ㅂ • ́) و✧ It's a good match, and it's good for control, long rallies and clears. It may not be suitable for hitting strong and ...

  • ASTROX 88D
    Kaga Hyakumangoku (Reviews to ASTROX 88D)

    It will be a review of 4u5 trial hit. The smash is easy to sink. I personally avoided it because I thought that the operability of the racket was d...

    sleepy-panda (Reviews to VOLTRIC80)

    I tried to hit 3U for the first time in 15 years, but there was no feeling of heavy head, the shaft was too soft and I did not hear what I said, an...

  • ASTROX 00
    Natchan (Reviews to ASTROX 00)

    Anyway, it's light. It's light, but it's head heavy, so it's more stable than I expected. What's more, you can also touch fast-...

  • BLAZE SX8000J
    Michinoku Hidayat (Reviews to BLAZE SX8000J)

    Uses 3UG5. Originally it is a double sprayer that emphasizes playing, but it is a racket that I would like people with similar styles to try once. ...



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