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  • ASTROX 99
    Akkah (Reviews to ASTROX 99)

    After using this racket, I personally feel that the 99 is easier to hit than the ZF2, which has a very low smash.

  • AERONAUT 7000
    Shimaa (Reviews to AERONAUT 7000)

    I feel like it's easier to push and receive from the front. I'm not a big smasher, so when I'm on the back line, of course I do smashes...

  • Shimaa (Reviews to )

    The shaft is soft, so after you get used to it and it's been 2 or 3 years, it's not good enough, but I still think it's enough for this...

  • AERONAUT 7000B
    Shimaa (Reviews to AERONAUT 7000B)

    I was originally using Astrox 88s, but I was looking for a new racket and came across this racket. Singles players are used, but I don't think ...

  • HALBERTEC 8000
    Yayan (Reviews to HALBERTEC 8000)

    I bought a 4U, and yesterday I also bought a 9000, and what I found out is that I feel like Halvertech is a repainted version of Arcsaber 11.7, and...



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