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  • Aging (Reviews to )

    Conquered the Astrox series. Purchased and used 77 4U. In a nutshell, it's an all-round racket with no quirks and no weaknesses. To put it badl...

  • ASTROX 88S
    expert (Reviews to ASTROX 88S)

    A person (middle-aged man) who purchases and uses the new colors 88s and 4U. I happened to play doubles with singles main, but as the reputation sa...

  • ASTROX 99
    The fierce of the fierce (Reviews to ASTROX 99)

    It will be the best racket for a single sprayer. I have used many rackets so far, but it is the second best racket after 88s. In smash and clear, I...

  • ASTROX 88S
    l1l3t6p (Reviews to ASTROX 88S)

    I tried the black-painted racket of ASTROX 88S PRO released in late March. As you can see on the official website, the ball has a longer hold than ...

  • ASTROX 88S
    A person who loves badminton (Reviews to ASTROX 88S)

    * Purchased new colors 3U5G and 4U5G. It was the best racket (4U5G) I have ever used. There is no habit and every shot is ideally decided. You shou...



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