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    Middle-aged badler (Reviews to INFERNO)

    Since the hand-held rackets became only old ones over 10 years old, I heard rumors and bought them together with Inferno EX. According to the manuf...

    Zawa (Reviews to INFERNO)

    Hard and heavy. The smash sinks well, and the head can run cleanly for receive and drive return. It is the best masterpiece of rackets used so far.

  • ASTROX77
    Masa (Reviews to ASTROX77)

    Transfer from Voltrick Z Force 2. At 3u5, Ultimax is pasted at 23. The gut will be severed immediately. It will expire in about 10 hours. . Grommet...

  • Voltric80 E-Tune
    steamed bun (Reviews to Voltric80 E-Tune)

    I used 4U. The shaft is stiff and quite head heavy. Since it is 4U, it is relatively easy to handle. Since it can be tuned with parts, it can be th...

    Sugishita Sakyo (Reviews to SATELITE6.5BLAST)

    We purchased with enthusiasm for head heavy, hard shaft, and heavy racket, but it was an easy-to-use ordinary racket. Certainly, smashing is faster...



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