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    jay (Reviews to SUPER POWER DX)

    A hybrid gem of a training racket and a power type racket. I bought it for an acquaintance who is proud of his strength and loves hard & H heavy. B...

  • sleepy-panda (Reviews to )

    Most recently, Fortius-10p and 11p are the main players, specializing in doubles. 10p is the best smash, especially if it's medium to long rang...

  • head heavy is easy (Reviews to )

    I was not surprised by the hardness of the shaft because I used it in the 4U main of zforce2 in doubles, but I felt that the sweet spot was larger ...

    M. (Reviews to LESMOC5)

    It was the perfect racket for me who wanted to resume badminton for the first time in a long time and want to continue rallying while my body was n...

  • a certain high school student (Reviews to )

    It is an impression that both 3U and 4U were used. The 4U has a good swing, and the head is light even if the original grease is removed. If you hi...



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