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  • Nanoray800
    A row of legends (Reviews to Nanoray800)

    Because it is light, it is easy to handle and has a good feel at impact. The drive and smash are also easy to hit because the shaft is not too hard...

    Ah (Reviews to DUORA Z-STRIKE)

    It is a good racket that made the slowest smash the first smash in the club! !

  • Duora 7
    Akaume (Reviews to Duora 7)

    I personally felt it was a very light racket. I am rather a hard hitter, but I would not recommend it to anyone who prefers easy-to-weight rackets ...

  • ASTROX77
    Bud love people (Reviews to ASTROX77)

    I bought 4U Shine Yellow. Originally I used the Nano Ray series, so I struggled with fine shots such as drives. However, once the head heavy balanc...

  • Arcsaber11
    I want to (Reviews to Arcsaber11)

    This racket was given free of charge with the sign of YONEX Walnut players. When I first participated in b-group in badminton for the first time fr...



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