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  • ArcsaberFB
    Shujimtgucci (Reviews to ArcsaberFB)

    I thought it was an easy-to-use racket. Because it is very light, it is a racket that can respond quickly and easily to detailed work of the avant-...

  • Voltric80 E-Tune
    Goodmington (Reviews to Voltric80 E-Tune)

    The design is cool, and I feel that it is easy to use overall. I thought it would be close to the LD force in the Boltric series. The balance of th...

  • Voltric Z-Force II
    Goodmington (Reviews to Voltric Z-Force II)

    One of the classic rackets from Yonex. It is a heavy racket. Swinging out is good, but it takes a burden.

    Goodmington (Reviews to VOLTRIC LD-FORCE)

    I felt it was difficult to use with Doubles. If you use it in singles, it ’s no complaint. I felt that all the balls were easy to hit, and I didn&#...

  • Voltric70 E-Tune
    Goodmington (Reviews to Voltric70 E-Tune)

    The parts I put on became heavier and the head I usually used looked like a heavy racket. I felt it was fun to hit the smash with the rear guard. I...



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