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    Akio (Reviews to X-FEEL LITE)

    Even with a fast sphere it is easy to control because the surface does not get blurred. I feel that there is little air resistance and it is easy t...

  • Luminasonic S TOUR
    Hibikirin (Reviews to Luminasonic S TOUR)

    Although I played badminton for a long time, I used Yonex racquet all the time. This time I bought Mizuno's racket for the first time but it wa...

  • NanoRay 900
    Ele (Reviews to NanoRay 900)

    Lightweight type peculiar to the nano series. I think that the grip is narrow and gutsy. Because I am not very power type, I personally have no inc...

  • Arcsaber2i
    Chikako (Reviews to Arcsaber2i)

    Because Arco Saber 2i has excellent repulsion power, it is much easier to control and you can demonstrate more power than practical in practice and...

  • Voltric FB
    Cheeks (Reviews to Voltric FB)

    Batminton's history is long, and we use Voltric FB when we play. Since it is equipped with Tri-Voltage system, it can cope with smashed powered...



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