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Best Badminton Shuttlecooks - Badonavi

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  • dried squid )

    I also use a club that uses a 500, but it goes bad as soon as I hit a smash, and one club immediately runs out. It might be easily destroyed by a p...

    badminton (SUPER TOURNAMENT 8)

    Ignoring the cost performance, it's simply bad for the price. I seriously don't recommend it. There are many other problems with this manuf...

  • Maa-kun )

    Since the venue is a school and the venue fee is free, we want the participants to be satisfied, so we use this. I'm wondering if I should cont...

  • BAGUS Black
    Bud Yoshi-kun (BAGUS Black)

    I bought it based on the comments. It's just my personal opinion. Sturdiness is strong, but the shot feeling is a little light. The good people...

  • Advisor of Bud Club )

    Since it is called a HIGH QUALITY shuttle, many people may think that it is too expensive to afford. However, I think the idea is different. Why? F...



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