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    Middle school students SNOWPEAK SP404)

    Previously it was very durable and reasonable in price, but now Snow Peak breaks if you hit a few smashes, and eventually the price goes up, so I c...

  • MAVIS40P
    Middle school students MAVIS40P)

    This shuttle is still more durable and cheaper than a shuttle with feathers. Therefore, even if it gets a little sloppy, it can be used for basic s...


    As the name suggests, it is standard. If it is a model above this, the amount will be higher. I think that it is perfect for the first time using i...

  • BAGUS Black
    Bangli BAGUS Black)

    It was used in competitions within the team. I also used this green, but there were many more beautiful shuttles in black. The shot feeling is a li...

  • RSL1999Yen
    Middle school students RSL1999Yen)

    I think it has excellent durability and flight performance. I think that it is very durable for the price, but when I hit it, there was a sense of ...



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