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  • A + 300
    Haruki (A + 300)

    It's quite durable as a shuttle, and there is no problem with how to fly. It also has a solid shot feeling, so it may be preferred by male play...

  • CHAMPION (A-win)
    Malbad (CHAMPION (A-win))

    The way to fly is very beautiful! The response is also pleasant, and it feels good when you hit the smash! If you hit it too hard, the wings may br...

  • A + 300
    Malbad (A + 300)

    Good durability! The response is also good. The way to fly is also beautiful. You can buy it for less than 3000 yen, but I feel that it is not so d...

  • Bad Mani ()

    For the time being, if you can afford it, you can buy this shuttle and there will be no problem. Durability, flying performance, response, all are ...

  • Sato Coco )

    When I did a hairpin on this shuttle, it turned tremendously. The shot feeling was unique and it was a little heavy. (Comparison with Aero Sensor 2...



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