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  • Ast )

    The Aero Sensor 500 is used for pinball during club activities. It is easy to hit, has good flight characteristics, and there is not much individua...

  • M-1101
    Dobamington (M-1101)

    It's good, but it's less durable. Feathers tend to break if they are a little off the beaten track. It may be better to put out a little mo...

  • A + 300
    Ciao A + 300)

    As a result of various trials by everyone in the circle, I used this one, which had a good reputation. The price was relatively easy to get out of ...

  • Sato Coco )

    I compared it with 400, but I didn't feel much difference. In detail, 500 has less individual difference than 400, and I felt that there was st...

  • Aeroplane G1130S
    Gacky (Aeroplane G1130S)

    Cospa is good I didn't think I could buy a test ball at this price. Durable Yonex tournaments and officials are a little inferior, but good fli...



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