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  • BAGUS Black
    Bud Yoshi-kun (BAGUS Black)

    I bought it based on the comments. It's just my personal opinion. Sturdiness is strong, but the shot feeling is a little light. The good people...

  • Advisor of Bud Club )

    Since it is called a HIGH QUALITY shuttle, many people may think that it is too expensive to afford. However, I think the idea is different. Why? F...

  • M-101SP
    dried squid M-101SP)

    Although it is a Japanese type 1 certified ball, it is difficult because it does not mean that it is durable. It's cheap, but it's light an...

  • ShuttleClub N
    Jr. (ShuttleClub N)

    It was probably an artificial cork when looking at the cork with a duck feather. There is weight and it flies as if it flies too much. The shot fee...

  • Ast )

    The Aero Sensor 500 is used for pinball during club activities. It is easy to hit, has good flight characteristics, and there is not much individua...



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